High Quality Cotton Dining Table Cover

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Tablecloths are a friendly home decoration product for your daily life. Not only does it protect your desk, but the elegant color scheme creates a wonderful, high-quality lifestyle for your dinner party. Whether indoors or out, the simple and clean tablecloth adds a touch of elegance. elegance and elegance to the piece.

Why you should have these Premium Tablecloth:-

  1. No Staining

    Coffee, soup or oil, wine, none of these you may want it to appear in your desk. If it has happened and you cannot get rid of it, cover it with a good-looking table cloth. At least it can get it out of your sight and mind for a while.

  2. Heavy Weight Cotton Linen Fabric

    This geometric pattern table cover is made of premium heavy cotton linen.

  3. Super Soft Pure Cotton 

    The ultra soft material is avoid to make the table cover wrinkle resistant, scratch proof, dust-proof and stain resistant, the natural skin-friendly material than other.

Classic, Modern and Trendy Kitchen & Table Linens

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comfortable, soft, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-fouling, not easy to fade.
Usage: indoor,suitable for kitchen,dining room,family room,decorative cloth,casual or formal table,coffee table,desk,desk,desk storage table, to a dust cloth, etc. Courtyard, garden, roof, balcony, picnic etc

Waterproof Table Cloth Taplak Alas Meja Sarung Kerusi Makan Kitchen Dinning  Table Cover Chair Cover | Shopee Malaysia

Maintenance tips:

  • Please wash before using the tablecloth;

  • Machine wash cold, but we recommend hand washing;

  • Can be dried or flattened in desiccant to dry naturally, not suitable for prolonged soaking;

  • Iron at low temperature (not more than 110°C).


    The tablecloths have creases due to packaging, but don't worry too much about the crease as they will flatten out over time.