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Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

A fluffy and gentle pillow that could remain the same for years to come.

Say goodbye to to and fro and get that good night's sleep you missed once and for all with memory foam pillows - the pillow that lets you sleep comfortably and healthily all night long.

If you are facing chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, then memory foam pillow is the solution to all your problems.

They take the shape of your neck, shoulder and back.

Memory foam pillows are not just comfortable, but also provide relief from backaches, headaches, neck issues or other pain related problems which we face due to stress in our daily lives.


Made with soft memory foam that immediately takes the pressure off and relieves any tension, Immediate relief from any neck pain you may 

It can be used for cervical spondylosis, cervical disc herniation, Excessive strain on the neck muscles.

Not only can you use it to relieve neck pain, but also leg pain, arm pain, back tension, and the list goes on. 

This is how you will get rid of any pain you may be suffering from.


The really amazing thing about this product, which our repeat customers love so much, is that it is fully adjustable and adapts to your sleeping style. 

With the Memory Foam Pillows ™ we want to offer you a more pain-free experience every time you lie down. Get yours today so you can get rid of the pain.


The contoured memory pillow is Made from premium quality memory foam material which helps to provide excellent support and cushioning. 


Place the pillow under the neck so the neck rests completely and there is no gap between the pillow and the neck.

It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The outer cover is washable. Hand wash with mild detergent & water at room temperature. Dry in shade on a flat surface. Do not dry clean. Do not Iron or Bleach.