Solar Firefly Sparkle Garden Lights


Light Up Your Plants and Feel a Calming, Peaceful State of Mind With Our Solar Firefly Lights

Are you tired of dull, lifeless outdoor lighting solutions that drain your electricity and leave you in the dark during power outages? Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our Solar Firefly Light!

Introducing Solar Firefly Light - Illuminate Your Nights with Enchanting Radiance!

🔥 Captivate with Enchanting Radiance:  Let the Magic of Fireflies Transform Your Space.

☀️ Harness the Power of the Sun: Sunlight-Powered Solar Firefly Lights Store Sun's Energy, Creating Mesmerizing Garden Glow at Night!

🌿 Create an Ambience Like No Other: Setting the Perfect Mood for Every Occasion. Solar Firefly Lights Illuminate Your Special Moments.

⚙️ Smart & Hassle-Free:  Solar Firefly Light - Auto On at Sunset, Off at Sunset. No Wires, No Worries.

💧 Weather-Resistant & Durable:  Built to Brave the Elements! Solar Firefly Light - Weatherproof for Year-Round Enchantment

🌏 Embrace Sustainability:  Shine Bright, Save the Earth: Solar Firefly Light - Embrace Eco-Friendly Elegance!

🎁 The Perfect Gift: Surprise your loved ones with the enchanting dance of fireflies in their garden - Our Solar Firefly Light is the perfect choice

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Illuminate your world with Solar Firefly Light - Nature's beauty and solar power combined. Don't miss this enchanting offer!

Easily add a warm touch to your Backyard/Patio/Garden/Plants and create a Mini Paradise in the comfort of your home!

Limited stock available. Offer valid while supplies last.

How does Trendize Solar Firefly Light work?

Our Firefly Light uses its own Solar Power Battery that charges itself throughout the day from the Sun! Easily get 8-10 Hours of lighting power on a single charge. With its Protective Weather Layer our Firefly lights are Weatherproof! 


Here's Why you Should Get these Solar Powered Firefly Lights : 

  • Instantly Warm up Your Garden - Simply put it in the ground and turn it on and watch your Plants and Garden Light up!
  • Built-in Self Solar Charge - Has a Solar Charge sensor that stores energy from the sun and turns on automatically during the Night!
  • WeatherProof- Special Protective coating makes our Light Rainproof and Windproof!
  • Firefly Effect - Built in to sway with the wind to create a moving light effect.


How to Use Firefly Lights : 

  1. Place the Firefly Light in Soil or Tape to a Wall.

  2. Position the Solar Charger towards Sky & Sun during daytime.

  3. Turn on Solar Firefly Light

  4. Charging takes 3-5 hrs, depending on sun.

  5. At Night Solar Firefly Light will Turn on Automatically.

Watch Firefly Lights sway with the wind to Create a Firefly Effect!