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Silicone Flexible Toilet Brush

What if cleaning could actually be fun?
Say Good Bye To Stubborn Dirt & Germs!

SILICONE TOILET FLEXIBLE BRUSH for toilet Cleaning. The brush head is made of high-quality and soft TPR silicone material, which will not be worn and deformed after long-term use, and the cleaning effect is better than traditional toilet cleaning brushes.

The toilet brush here has high quality, easy installation, and a stylish design.

  • Soft Silicone Brush Head:- The brush head is made of soft and flexible material, sturdy & dense, no worry to scratch your toilet, never wears or deforms after long usage. 360°design makes it easily remove dead spot stains and penetrate deep into pipes and grooves.
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  • Non-slip Handle:- Designed non-slip handle makes it more comfortable to hold and easier to clean, perfect cleaning without pressing, reducing your cleaning time. Tweezers cleverly hidden in the handle can be used to clean hair and dirt in the sink and bathtub.
Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Toilet Cleaner Brush and Holder ,  Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush Set (Premium Grey-White)
  • Easy to Clean:- The soft brush head will not damage the surface of the glass, can be bent easily, and clean all areas, even under the rim. The brush head will not easily leave stains, and will not entangle hair and other dirt, Easy to remove dead spot stains, The round brush grip, comfortable and labor-saving.
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  • Deeper Cleaning & Durable:- The long brush handle is meant to help you reach deeper places, even the place inside the groove. Together with a flexible brush head that can be bent easily, our toilet brush can help you clean more thoroughly without other tools. Cleans better than a traditional toilet cleaner brush.

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